80s CARS

12th June 2013
Whatever happened to...the Talbot Solara?

Whatever happened to the Talbot Solara?

The Talbot Solara is an early example of a Shatchback, being as it was, a saloon version of the Alpine. PetrolBlog asks, whatever happened to the Talbot Solara?
4th June 2013
Volvo LCP2000 with rear hatch and doors open

Smells like fish and chips: Volvo LCP2000

Smell like fish and chips! It's 30 years since Volvo unveiled the futuristic and super-lightweight Volvo LCP2000 concept car. Three decades on - we still want one.
3rd June 2013
Supreme provenance: Audi V8

Supreme provenance: Audi V8

PetrolBlog discovers a rather special Audi V8 for sale on eBay. Or rather, an Audi V8 formerly owned by a rather special owner, Tony Rolt.
31st May 2013
Retrospective: Suzuki Vitara on the beach with models

Retrospective: Suzuki Vitara

Retrospective: PetrolBlog's trawl through the filing cabinets to find the best retro press shots. This time it's the turn of the '90s-tastic Suzuki Vitara.
22nd May 2013
Team PB drives: MK1 Vauxhall Astra GTE

Team PB drives: MK1 Vauxhall Astra GTE

Team PB heads to the Vauxhall Heritage Centre to drive a selection of Vauxhalls old and new. Here's a review of the MK1 Vauxhall Astra GTE.
20th May 2013
Right-hand drive Trabant 601 interior

Even better than the real thing: right-hand drive Trabant

Achtung Baby! PetrolBlog discovers an ultra-rare right-hand drive Trabant 601 in the classifieds and now wants to fly to Bucharest to take it for a drive.
15th May 2013
Is the PetrolBlog Citroen AX facing the chop?

Is the Citroën AX GT facing the chop?

The PetrolBlog Citroën AX GT isn't well. That much was already obvious, but the work required to get her roadworthy is much worse than expected...
14th May 2013
Whatever happened to: the Renault 25?

Whatever happened to the Renault 25?

PetrolBlog asks: whatever happened to the Renault 25? With a Gandini-designed interior and the sumptuous Bacarra version, the 25 needs more respect.
7th May 2013
1990 Toyota Space Cruiser for sale

Bangerwatch: Toyota Space Cruiser

PetrolBlog finds a Toyota Space Cruiser for sale on eBay with just one previous owner and 45,000 miles on the clock. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Buy. It. Now.
26th April 2013
Lovely Renault 8 in Spain

Old Renaults, Messi and pidgin English in Spain

PetrolBlog showcases some of the PetrolBloggy cars seen during the recent road test of the new SEAT Leon SC in Spain. Warning: contains old Renaults.
9th April 2013
Rob Griggs-Taylor and Ford Sierra

Regrets: Rob’s Ford Sierra XR4x4i

The Ford Sierra XR4x4i - a tale of regret from PetrolBlog's resident guest blogger, Rob Griggs-Taylor and a warning never to meet your heroes.
2nd April 2013
Ford Capri Ghia

Regrets: Ford Capri – Architecture and Morality

Memories are made of this. Peter Counsell recounts a real tale of regret featuring his late father and an old Ford Capri Laser.