80s CARS

9th December 2010
John Lewis Christmas

An old Alfa is for life, not just for Christmas

It is the kind of detail only a petrolhead would notice. Forget the controversy surrounding a cold dog, I doth my cap to John Lewis for […]
16th November 2010
FailCar's Peugeot 205 GTi before polishing

FailCar’s Peugeot 205 GTi

PetrolBlog is delighted to reveal @FailCar‘s new arrival, the much admired and 80s legend, the Peugeot 205 GTi.
24th October 2010
Whatever happened to the Renault 9

Whatever happened to the Renault 9?

The Renault 9 was named European Car of the Year in 1982, but its spiral into oblivion was fast and merciless. So what happened to this French Shatchback?
16th October 2010
Citroen AX GT PetrolBlog

Citroën AX GT: La boîte de grenouilles

A Citroen AX GT arrives as PetrolBlog's latest long termer.
20th July 2010
Hyundai Stellar

Whatever happened to the Hyundai Stellar

For many years, a Stella has been the central factor to a Friday or Saturday night out on town. A few too many and then it […]
19th June 2010
Land Rover Defender 110 V8

Try something new today – Sainsbury’s V8 Land Rover

I’ve never been that turned on by cars that were once owned by a famous person. The fact that a chap called Kieron Dyer once owned […]
9th June 2010
PetrolBlog logo

80s Cars Around The World

Inspired by Michael Palin and the Top Gear specials, PetrolBlog has the idea of driving around the world in 80s cars. A mad idea?
20th May 2010
AC Invacar

Whatever happened to the Invacar?

Ah, the AC Invacar - once a familiar site on Britain's roads and indeed, alongside Britain's football pitches. Then they disappeared almost overnight.
2nd May 2010
Ferrari Testarossa door fins for the Ford Capri

The Capri ’Testarossa‘ you always promised yourself?

Back in the day, you could turn your Ford Capri into a Ferrari Testarossa for less than £15. Forget Bodie or Doyle, you could be Crockett or Tubbs.
1st May 2010
Dunlop Press Ad

Dunlop Tyres advert: Sept 1986

PetrolBlog stumbles across an old magazine advert for Dunlop Tyres. The question is: can you name the six cars from the look of their alloy wheels?
28th April 2010
Renault Fuego GTS

Whatever happened to the Renault Fuego?

The ‘French Ford Capri’ has all but disappeared from our roads. PetrolBlog asks, whatever happened to the Renault Fuego? And where's the Turbo Zone?
20th April 2010
Isuzu Piazza

Whatever happened to the Isuzu Piazza?

Remember the Isuzu Piazza? It didn't get off to the best of starts in the UK, but the Giugiaro-designed coupe received a helping hand from Lotus.