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4th June 2011
Fiat Panda 1.2 Dynamic AirCon

Real World Reviews: Fiat Panda 1.2 Dynamic AirCon

Tom Richards joins PetrolBlog as a new guest blogger and his first blog just happens to be a Real World Review of his Fiat Panda. Grizzly stuff!
3rd May 2011

Here’s one they made earlier: Nissan Micra

Glam metal band Cinderella once sang that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Many a true word spoken by the long haired rockers […]
14th April 2011
Audi Q3

Here’s one they made earlier: Audi Q3 vs Rover Streetwise

As Audi unveils the Q3, the compact SUV, PetrolBlog offers an older and somewhat cheaper alternative from Rover.
25th March 2011
Renault Vel Satis real world review

Real World Review: Renault Vel Satis

Oliver Hammond, the man behind the vel-satis.org website, gives us his Real World Review of the Renault Vel Satis. Rather good it is too.
30th June 2010
Volkswagen Passat W8 saloon

Volkswagen Passat: Hurry up and W8

Never content with its lot, PetrolBlog is considering a Volkswagen Passat W8 as the next addition to the fleet. What's the worse that could happen?
29th June 2010
Bangerwatch: Proton Satria GTi

Car confessional: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago PetrolBlog became an automotive confessional (see http://bit.ly/99tb4T). A chance to share automotive guilty secrets and release the pressure from the shoulders […]
15th June 2010
Ford Probe 24v

Car Confessional: Skoda Superb and Ford Probe

Skeletons in the closet and guilty pleasures. PetrolBlog enters the confessional and declares a fondness for the Skoda Superb and Ford Probe.
18th March 2010
Opel Speedster Scorpions

Yesterday’s Specials: Opel Speedster Scorpions

In the UK, Vauxhall turned to a bearded comedian to promote the VX220. Over in Germany, Opel turned to a rock band to launch the Speedster Scorpions.