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28th September 2013
Laguna Coupe Monaco GP

The last beautiful Renault? Laguna Coupé Monaco GP

PetrolBlog asks, is the Renault Laguna Coupé Monaco GP the last beautiful Renault we'll ever see? Pick one up now for £10,000 - you know you want to.
21st August 2013
2006 Citroen C6

From France with Love (via Germany): Citroën C6

PetrolBlog stumbles across a video from 2006 in which Sean Connery drives a Citroën C6. Quite why it has taken us so long to discover it is anyone's guess.
6th June 2013
Cygnet: the unacceptable face of Aston Martin?

Cygnet: the unacceptable face of Aston Martin?

Here's a question for you. Will the Aston Martin Cygnet ever be considered acceptable? Will you, for example, ever look at one and think, you know what, that could be quite interesting?
3rd June 2013
Darth Vader in VW Passat W8 wagon video

Official: Darth Vader drives a VW Passat W8

Official: Darth Vader drives a VW Passat W8. PetrolBlog discovers a video on YouTube which proves that Darth Vader is Polish and drives a W8 wagon. Nice.
28th May 2013
Yesterday's Specials: Fiat Panda Alessi

Yesterday’s Specials: Fiat Panda Alessi

The return of Yesterday's Specials on PetrolBlog, featuring the quite brilliant and super cool Fiat Panda Alessi. We've even found one for sale. Go on, you know you want to.
13th May 2013
Real World Review of the Peugeot 206 GTi by Alex Wilcox

Real World Reviews: Peugeot 206 GTi

Alex Wilcox has written a Real World Review of his Peugeot 206 GTi and despite one or two small issues, he's found it to be a quite delightful little car.
15th January 2013
Rob writes: Skoda Octavia update part three

Rob writes: Octavia update part three

11,000 miles in and despite brief thoughts to the contrary, Rob Griggs-Taylor is determined to stick with his Skoda Octavia.
10th January 2013
Proton Satria GTI on PetrolBlog

Bangerwatch: Proton Satria GTi

If you fancy a small Proton that's based on a Mitsubishi but has been breathed on by Lotus, you've come to the right place. The Satria GTI is for you.
28th November 2012
Mk1 Ford Focus Zetec three-door

Bangerwatch: Mk1 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec

Bangerwatch is back! PetrolBlog reckons that the Mk1 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec could just be the ultimate Bangernomics allrounder.
16th November 2012
Rover 75 CDT Club

Regrets: Rover 75 CDT Club

A new regret! "As fulfilling as dating a supermodel with no libido" - that's Antony Ingram's verdict on his Rover 75 CDT Club.
15th October 2012
Real World Review Skoda Fabia vRS

Real World Review: MK1 Skoda Fabia vRS

Two MK1 Skoda Fabia vRSs appearing on PetrolBlog in one day. Well fortunately, this one is a lot more yellow than FailCar's...
21st September 2012
PetrolBlog’s Car Confessional- Peugeot 1007

Car Confessional: Peugeot 1007

The long awaited return of PetrolBlog's Car Confessional, featuring the much maligned Peugeot 1007. It upset James Bond, don't you know.