00s CARS

17th October 2019
Lancia Thesis and fountain

It’s time to appreciate the Lancia Thesis

A decade has passed since we waved goodbye to the Lancia Thesis. PetrolBlog asks: is it time to reevaulate the misunderstood Italian saloon?
23rd August 2019
Vauxhall Insignia spotted in Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Insignia on the M1 motorway

A Vauxhall Insignia was spotted in Blinded by the Light, a film set in the 1980s. This highlights the perils of watching films when you're a car enthusiast.
29th August 2018
Renault Laguna 1.9 dci Dynamique

Extreme #FrenchTat: the £100 Renault Laguna

It's one of the most unreliable cars you can buy, so what's a Renault Laguna doing on the PETROLBLOG fleet? Meet the #FrenchTat purchased for £100.
2nd August 2018

Pick-up and play: Proton Jumbuck GTI

Take a 2005 Proton Jumbuck GL, add some bits and pieces from a Satria GTI and what you have got? A Proton Jumbuck GTI, of course. Nice.
26th July 2018

It’s time to appreciate the Hyundai Matrix

Fancy a little Pininfarina glamour on your driveway? Forget Ferraris and French fancies, PetrolBlog reckons you should take a look at the Hyundai Matrix.
19th May 2017
Peter picked a plodding Polo for parental purposes

Peter picked a plodding Polo for parental purposes

Shunning the lure of PetrolBloggyness and Bangernomics, Peter Counsell puts his faith in a Polo and presents us with a tongue-twisting headline.
21st September 2016
Kia Rio Because Race

Her name was Rio and she wasn’t all that

Tom Ellis goes racing in a Mk1 Kia Rio and promises never to make the same mistake again. Meanwhile, PetrolBlog uses a Duran Duran-inspired headline.
2nd August 2016
Daewoo Kalos Blue driving

Daewoo Kalos Blue: the worst ‘hot’ hatch of the noughties?

The Daewoo Kalos Blue dared to go where no previous Daewoo had gone before: in pursuit of sporting greatness. Was it the worst 'hot' hatch of the noughties?
21st July 2016
2000 Megane Cabriolet roof down

Rescued three goats; bought a Renault Megane Convertible

PetrolBlog travels to Dorset to buy three goats and ends up returning home in a Renault Megane Convertible. Needless to say, the goats travelled separately.
19th April 2016
2000 Volkswagen Beetle

This is what a 315,000-mile VW Beetle looks like

PetrolBlog hears about a 315,000-mile VW Beetle that has been laid up for three years. The question is: will this particular Beetle ride again?
8th April 2016
Yellow Perodua Nippa

I’m in love with Reg Thompson’s Nippa

While trawling the internet, PetrolBlog stumbles across Reg Thompson's Nippa and immediately falls in love.
19th October 2015
Chrysler PT Cruiser Sport

The Unlovables: Chrysler PT Cruiser

Ah, the Chrysler PT Cruiser, hated by the masses, but some 1.35 million found homes across the world. Is it time to show it some love?