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Gavin Big-Surname

The chief waffler and person responsible for getting PetrolBlog off the ground. It all started in February 2010 when he wrote some waffle and bunk about motoring and a few people seemed to share his rather ridiculous views. Spurred on by this small but enthusiastic following, Gavin went into overdrive, spurting more waffle and bunk before, like the worn out brakes on a Capri 1.6 Laser, it became impossible to stop. He now sits at the top of his game, lauded by the masses and respected by all. Actually, this last sentence is rubbish.

Gavin’s fascination with cars started at an early age. When not tripping his family up by making pretend traffic jams on the landing floor, Gavin would be seen in toy shops hunting down mundane model cars, many of which he still owns today. Take the Renault 5 Le Car. Or the MKIII Ford Escort Ghia. Or the MKI VW Golf with surfboards on the roof. Not for him were the exotics such as the Countach and the F40. Gavin preferred the obscure and the mundane.

And so it continues. Most of the waffle contained on PetrolBlog will stem from the keyboard of Gavin and will invariably be focused on cars that are either best forgotten or have been forgotten. He can often be found scouring the classifieds for old cars that still have an original dealer sticker in the back window and still proudly display a set of original number plates. He’s also a firm believer than the best cars were built between the years of 1974 and 2001.

It is said that Gavin will write for Hobnobs and somehow manages to squeeze through the backdoor of lavish automotive launches and events.

You can follow Gavin on twitter @MajorGav or Email at gavin [at]

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