Volkswagen Corrado VR6

Date purchased: 30/03/2016
Mileage at purchase: 132,414
Current mileage: 132,764
Fuel economy: 27.3mpg

1993 Volkswagen Corrado VR6

Now back on the fleet after a seven-year hiatus. Check out the ‘Regrets’ feature here, along with its reintroduction here.

4th October 2016: Replacement wheels

The recent puncture presented the ideal opportunity to source some new wheels and tyres for the Corrado. One tyre was (obviously) damaged beyond repair, while the tyre on the opposite side was getting low on tread.

It took a while, but a set of refurbished Speedline alloys and tyres were sourced on eBay and delivered via the excellent Paisley Freight.

In truth, the wheels aren’t as brilliant as expected. The ‘refurb’ appears to be little more than a layer of paint with the tyres still in place. Not ideal. But they’ll do for the winter and at least two of the tyres are good enough for the Corrado. Weirdly, the other two are a different size (195/55), so will probably be moved on.

In the meantime, the now-removed Speedlines will be sent off for refurbishment. At least two parties have recommended South West Wheels in Exeter, so that will be the first port of call.

18th September 2016: Puncture!

18th September 2016: Twitter update