Citroen ZX 16v

Date purchased: 28/09/2012
Mileage at purchase: 39,775
Current mileage: 50,575
Fuel economy: 32.2mpg

1994 Citroën ZX 16v

If figures are to be believed, there are only 11 ZX 16vs taxed and on the roads of Britain. This is a crying shame. But fear not, because this one will be preserved for future generations!

4th October 2016: The Citroën ZX 16v

The Citroën ZX 16v has been part of the PetrolBlog fleet since September 2012 and – whisper this – is probably the favourite child of the group. If nothing else, it will be the last car to be sold. Because the 3-door ZX is an underrated beauty.

Said nobody outside of PetrolBlog.