Citroen Xsara VTS

Date purchased: 17/04/2016
Mileage at purchase: 38,871
Current mileage: 39,648
Fuel economy: 29.9mpg

2000 Citroën Xsara VTS

Finally, PetrolBlog owns a Citroën Xsara VTS in ‘Claudia Schiffer’ yellow.

6th April 2017: New exhaust, new MOT, new enjoyment

Who’d have thought it? The Citroën Xsara VTS is currently the most well behaved member of the PetrolBlog fleet. Figuring she might need some work done to the brakes – not to mention a slightly iffy exhaust – I ventured down to Protyre in Tavistock for a pre-MOT check.

All fine with the brakes, but the exhaust required new rear and centre sections, fitted at a price of £190.00.

A week later – and with a fair degree of trepidation – she was sent for her first MOT under my care. I needn’t have worried, as she emerged with a ticket and an advisory for the rear number plate. It’s been on the cards, but I’ve been clinging on to my original Citroën dealer plates.

I’ve already put a call into DMB Graphics and hope to have a set of replica dealer plates fitted in a few weeks.

To celebrate the fresh MOT, the Xsara has been treated to a pair of yellow fog lights. The Granville Amber Light paint comes in a very small pot and cost £4.50 from a seller on eBay. It’s a bit of a pain to apply, and I hadn’t banked on the colour being so similar to the paint, but I think it can stay. Thoughts welcome.

Citroen Xsara VTS with yellow fog lights

In other news, the insurance has just been renewed at a cost of £176.

4th October 2016: Hello yellow!

It took four years of patience to find the right one, but finally, PetrolBlog owns a Citroën Xsara VTS.

The introductory piece can be found here.

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