So, where is the new PetrolBlog anyway?

“Where’s the new PetrolBlog?” I was asked this week, “You said it would be back in the spring.” “Ah,” I replied, “but I never said which spring.” My somewhat flippant response masks an embarrassment – not to mention personal disappointment – that PB has missed its own deadline for a relaunch. Apologies.

There are many reasons for the delay – paid work getting in the way, co-founding and running a youth football club, self-confidence issues, leaves on the line, the wrong kind of snow, etc. – but all that matters is that the new and improved PB isn’t here. Again, sorry.

It would be easy to continue with the site as it is, without the shiny new features and soft-touch plastics, but that would be a shame. Rushing a new model into production is never a good idea. Better to re-launch when the Ts have been dotted and the Is have been crossed, than to go public with known issues. We all know what happened when a servo issue put the brakes on Lancia Monte Carlo production.

Nobody wants PB to return, only to disappear for a couple of years, before re-emerging like Bobby Ewing taking a shower. The world isn’t ready for the sight of PetrolBlog stood naked under a Mira Nectar Eco Four Spray Showerhead.

As Paul Young once said in his ode to PetrolBlog, “Please hurry, why don’t you come back?” before adding that it is just as important to “Come back and stay for good this time.” To the former Q-Tips frontman with a penchant for leaving his hat lying about I say: “I hear you, brother.”

What happens next?

So, to borrow a phrase from the late David Coleman: what happens next?

Well, work will continue. Having been offline for so long, it would be a missed opportunity to return without the under-the-bonnet tweaks and the full range of showroom-friendly features. The plan isn’t for world domination, but if you enjoyed PB of the past, you should like its future,

In the meantime, keep an eye on social media for the latest updates. If you’re one of the tens of thousands* of people who have used the sign-up form to be told when the new site is ready, thank you. Stay tuned for GDPR-compliant emails over the coming weeks, along with a chance to claim a free PETROLBLOG car sticker in return for your loyalty and patience.

You never know, there might even be a few articles posted on the current site, just for old times’ sake.

Thanks, as ever, for your continued patience.

*The number is closer to 52. OK, the number *is* 52.

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