The Skoda Felicia Golden Prague is pure gold

It might sound like the name of a takeaway food joint, but the Golden Prague is probably the best Skoda Felicia you never knew existed. It takes pride of place in the excellent Skoda Museum and deserves a slot on the pages of PetrolBlog.

The Skoda Felicia Golden Prague was unveiled at the 1998 Geneva Motor Show – a one-off concept featuring, amongst other things, gold metallic paint, six-spoke alloy wheels and clear headlights. As its name suggests, Skoda went full on Spandau Ballet with this special edition.

Here’s some Tony Hadley for your listening pleasure.

Note the gold protective strips running along the side of the car, the gold infills on the alloy wheels and – most curiously – gold fishnets behind the wheels. You’ll also notice the gold slats running through the smoked rear lenses. There’s a fine line between crass and class, but as far as PetrolBlog is concerned, this Skoda Felicia is pure gold.

Weirdly, the interior is two-tone burgundy and beige, with a strange astronomical clock motif for the seats; although the backlit dashboard is straight outta the 90s brilliant.

Skoda Felicia Golden Prague edition

The Felicia was a hugely significant car for Skoda, being the first model to be produced in collaboration with new parent company Volkswagen. Launched in 1994, it was a refreshed version of the Favorit, featuring a more sombre, almost corporate looking exterior.

The Skoda Felicia Golden Prague was based on the revised model of 1998 and introduced the new design language, seen previously on the Octavia. It breathed new life into the ageing Felicia while we waited for the arrival of the Fabia. Some 1.4 million units were built from 1994 to 2001.

There were many editions – most notably the Felicia Fun, Felicia rally car and Felicia police car – but none could match the majesty of the Skoda Felicia Golden Prague.

According to the museum, the golden wonder was powered by a 1.3-litre engine developing a mighty 67hp. Top speed: 93mph – perfect for getting that takeaway Czech food to customers on time, every time. If only Skoda had the vision to build more than one; this thing would have been a hit in the car park of the Golden Arches.

As it is, the Skoda Felicia Golden Prague takes its place on the top shelf of the rack inside the Skoda Museum. Phwoar, look at the gold on that, etc, etc.

If you’re one of the 915,853 people who bought a Felicia hatchback and have been inspired to create your own Golden Prague, do get in touch. You’d earn the freedom of PetrolBlog in recognition of your efforts. The world needs more Skoda Felicia Golden Prague models.

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  1. September 27, 2016

    I´ve been in that museum -Mlada Moleslav- a year ago. Small, but really interesting. It’s quite a pity that some cars like the fabia/octavia WRC and some other rarities are in a big shelf and not in the floor…

  2. October 6, 2016

    The last significant accident I had was in a 9-month old Felicia GL+ back in 1995/96. Head on at 50mph, according to the cops, and I walked away from it with only whiplash to show for it. The poor Skoda did not survive (even the roof was bent) but the doors all opened easily. It was replaced by another Felicia. Won’t hear a bad word said about them. (Although it was as slow as your figures suggest…)


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