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One of PetrolBlog’s new year’s resolutions was to provide more regular updates on the fleet. So as we hurtle towards the end of January, it’s time to stick a marker in the ground and start as we mean to go on. This – lady and gentleman (yes, we’ve got two regular readers) – is the current state of play.

If there’s any interest, each car will receive its own page on PetrolBlog, with updates provided as and when necessary. You know, like MOT passes and failures, significant events or catastrophic failures. In the meantime, these are the six cars that combine to create the PetrolBlog fleet.

1982 W123 Mercedes-Benz 230E

Mercedes-Benz W123 230E

Date purchased: September 2015
Mileage then: 109,250
Mileage now: 109,939

The newest member of the PetrolBlog fleet and almost certainly the best. Quite why it took so long to add a W123 to the collection is anybody’s guess, but all the good things you’ve read about the Merc’ are spot on. It manages to offer class in a classless way, going about its business in a way that would be alien to the latest cars to emerge from Stuttgart.

Sadly, the bad weather and a lack of time has meant it hasn’t been used to its full potential, but that will change if and when the conditions improve. Can you fall for a car after just four months and 700 miles? In the case of the W123, yes.

Plans? Sort out the surface rust on the front valance and below the offside headlight. Fit a set of period number plates. Then enjoy her.

The last update can be found here.

1982 Honda Accord Mk2

1982 Honda Accord

Date purchased: October 2013
Mileage then: 55,843
Mileage now: 56,978

Right now, the Honda Accord is parked in a secret storage location, just off the A30 in Devon, having been put away for the winter six months ago. You may remember this car was purchased for the princely sum of £150 and it subsequently went on to pass two successive MOTs with no advisories. Admittedly, she doesn’t cover too many miles, but she’s a survivor and is guaranteed a long term future on the PB fleet.

Plans? Some decisions will be made when she comes out of storage, but there’s a lot of cosmetic rust to sort out, most notably on the roof. One thought is to install a full-length Webasto sunroof, as the dealer-fit tilting roof is a bit rubbish. Will also give the wheels a refurb and sort some new tyres.

The last update can be found here.

1989 Citroën AX GT

1989 Citroen AX GT

Date purchased: October 2010
Mileage then: 111,300
Mileage now: 112,000

Oh dear, the poor Citroën AX GT. Another year passes and another promise to get her sorted for the spring fails to materialise. The purchase of the W123 is the latest ‘set back’, but the determination to get her restored and running properly is strong. That said, a quick look through the MOT history suggests we could be in for a rocky ride. Yes, it’s shameful that’s she has been neglected for nearly five years.

Plans? Find a specialist who will greet her restoration with enthusiasm and do the job well. It doesn’t need to be a concours job, but it would be great to make her presentable again, hopefully in time for the spring. Just got to hope the rot doesn’t render her a lost cause…

The last update can be found here.

1995 Citroën ZX 16v

1995 Citroen ZX 16v

Date purchased: September 2012
Mileage then: 39,445
Mileage now: 50,835

This must go down as one of PetrolBlog’s finest acquisitions. Is the Citroën ZX 16V the best hot hatch of the 1990s? No, of course not. Is she a proper old-school hot hatch that can shame many a new car? Absolutely. Looking back at some of the old photos, it’s clear the 10,000 miles haven’t been kind to her, but it’s nothing a new bumper and a proper polish can’t sort.

Plans? Search for new 16v wheel arch extensions and bumpers (rare as hen’s teeth), source new seals for the rear side windows, machine-polish the entire body and then spend the entire summer enjoying her.

The last update can be found here.

2012 Isuzu D-Max Yukon

2012 Isuzu D-Max Yukon

Date purchased: September 2015
Mileage then: 52,000
Mileage now: 63,500

The workhorse of the fleet and the one that tends to mop up all the dirty jobs. Trips to the tip, clearing garden rubbish, collecting animal feed, helping fellow villagers move mountains – you name it, the Isuzu D-Max is up for the challenge. Is it PetrolBloggy? Probably not, but having it on the fleet allows the other cars to enjoy a less stressful existence.

Plans? None.

The last update can be found here.

2015 Citroën C4 Cactus

2015 Citroen C4 Cactus

Date ‘purchased’: June 2015
Mileage then: 300
Mileage now: 10,250

OK, so the Citroën C4 Cactus isn’t a permanent member of the fleet, as it’s being run as a long-termer for Diesel Car. Sadly, it’s scheduled to go back to Citroën HQ in February, but hopefully they won’t come calling. It has been an absolute pleasure to run this thing and it has completed many a long drive, including a gruelling trip to Austria.

Over 10,000 miles on the clock and it hasn’t put a foot wrong. Stay tuned for a PetrolBloggy verdict over the coming weeks. Spoiler alert: it’s very, very good.

Plans? Convince Citroën not to take it back.

So that’s that. A brief introduction to the six cars on the fleet and a promise to provide more regular updates. That’s if you want them…

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  1. January 29, 2016
    Ben Day

    Enjoyed the update, keep ’em coming.

  2. February 9, 2016

    Interesting set! Will be interested to follow future updates


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