Shell’s Lego Ferrari models: fill up and build

Filling up with petrol can be a tortuous affair. Put aside the fact that you need to part with a small fortune for the privilege of filling your tank with fuel, there’s also the pain associated with the payment process. Having waited patiently in line for the shopper in front to collect their weekly groceries, you’re then presented with a series of ‘exclusive’ offers at the checkout.

Why do they always offer a bar of chocolate for a quid? Surely it would be better for the nation’s health if they offered a couple of bananas for 50p? Or a pineapple for 99p? Fill up with fuel and collect one of your five-a-day at the same time. Job done?

It’s a shame, because I’m one of the few people who actually doesn’t mind topping up the tank. I like the feeling of a fresh tank of fuel and seeing the needle hovering over the ‘F’ on the fuel gauge. And of course, you can look forward to another few hundred miles of driving – which is no bad thing.

Mostly though, it’s an horrendous experience, as some blogs from the PetrolBlog archives will reveal here and here.

Shell Lego Ferrari six models collection

But right now, the joy has been lifted somewhat by the good people of Shell. As you may have already heard, if you fill up with £30 of Shell V-Power before 8th January 2014, you can collect a Lego Ferrari model for £1.49 – a price which, coincidentally, is remarkably similar to the cost of a litre of fuel. Just don’t go putting tiny pieces of Lego into your fuel tank.

Now being PetrolBlog, we’d naturally be more excited if the Lego collection consisted of French cars from the ’80s and ’90s, but hey, these models are very, very cool. Take your pick from a Ferrari F40, Ferrari F1 car, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari FXX, Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta and a Scuderia Ferrari Iveco truck. They don’t take long to build, but as they’re ‘whizz-bang-pull-back-and-go’ models (technical term), there’s hours of fun to be had after you’ve completed the car.

Shell Lego Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta

Of course, the downside is that you need to part with at least £180 of fuel to collect the full set, but if you’re filling up with V-Power anyway, it’s not a big issue. Only it wouldn’t be if -unlike me – you don’t have two car-mad children to keep happy. They, of course, want one model each. So that’s £360. And of course, I’d need a set, too. This could get expensive…

Fortunately for me, it won’t. In the interests of transparency, I should point out that the good people of Shell UK actually sent a complete set to PetrolBlog HQ. And not only that, the Lego models arrived in a giant Lego cube. It’s arguably the best thing to arrive through the post at PetrolBlog HQ this year. Many thanks, Shell!

Shell Lego Ferrari F40

Quite clearly, a Lego Ferrari model is far more appealing than a few loyalty card points or a cheap bar of chocolate. Just don’t go trying to build it as you hurtle along the outside lane of the M4 motorway…

Check out the LEGOchallenge website where you can find more details about the cars and how to win a trip to the Ferrari factory in Maranello. It’s the most exciting petrol promotion since the Green Shield Stamps.

Right now, PetrolBlog is off to speak to its new friends at Shell UK about the possibility of bringing out a PB-themed Lego collection. A Talbot Matra-Rancho and a Jeep Cherokee would seem like obvious candidates.

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The chief waffler and founder of PetrolBlog in 2010. Has a rather unhealthy obsession with cars from the 80s and 90s, and is on a one-man mission to collect the cars nobody else wants. Also likes tea and Hobnobs.


  1. December 15, 2013

    Seen these but so far resisted the temptation to buy any.

    Just a pity they only just scrape the definition of actual Lego. I don’t want to sound like an old fart but remember the days when you had to put pieces together to make it vaguely look like the thing you were trying to build? That Ferrari 250GT looks more or less like it comes out of the packet that shape…

    • December 16, 2013
      Gavin Braithwaite-Smith

      Heh. It’s true that they require a certain amount of imagination.

      But if you’d have seen my attempts to create a Lego MK1 Golf, you’d be more impressed with Shell’s efforts! 😉

  2. December 15, 2013

    A-ha, I notice that you have done what every sane person does and stuck the extra bits on anywhere (the back end of the F40 for example).

    • December 16, 2013
      Gavin Braithwaite-Smith

      Heh! Well noticed.

      I wonder if anyone has ever created something cool, just by using the leftover pieces from each set?

      I bet the A-Team could…


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