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So, after three years and 60,000 miles, the warranty on the MK1 PetrolBlog finally expired. We were therefore faced with a choice – soldier on and hope for the best. Or take the opportunity to invest in a shiny new model and the promise of new features and a glossy coat of paint.

And in time honoured fashion, we’ve done a bit of both. Hopefully it still feels like PetrolBlog – a laid back, unashamedly unfashionable and ‘determined not to take ourselves too seriously’ kind of a place. If it doesn’t, then I’m sure The Littlest Hobo is currently showing on the Radio Rentals TV. If not, there’s always the motoring pages of Ceefax to keep you busy.

So what hasn’t changed? Well I’m still at the helm and, as things stand at the moment, the rest of Team PB have followed suit, resisting the temptation to join Jossy’s Giants.

And naturally the tone and content will remain the same. So I guess it’s more of a mid-life facelift than a complete overhaul. Although hopefully it’s more successful than the cosmetic ‘upgrade’ of the first generation Hyundai Coupé…

Hyundai Coupe

Perhaps more importantly, what’s new? Allow PetrolBlog to take you through the top ten new features.


The overwhelming feedback from the survey last year was that people like the sense of community on PetrolBlog. Furthermore, you wanted to enhance the feeling by creating a ‘home’ within the site. So, ladies and gentleman, PetrolBlog now has a members’ section – complete with discussion groups and a forum.

Make of it what you will – it’s there to be used. Create your own profile and start spouting waffle – I’ve been doing it for three years and nobody has locked me up yet. Your profile will also be used when you comment on new posts.

It will naturally evolve, but feedback is welcome. As the box on the homepage says – get stuck in.


Finally, a place within PetrolBlog to share your snaps. It’s the search for the world’s most PetrolBloggy car. Simply upload your photo and watch as your fellow PetrolBloggers rate it out of ten.

Together, we will find the ultimate PetrolBlog car. Let the Democratic Republic of PetrolBlog decide.


Face it, we like nothing better than browsing the classifieds, linking them on our social networks and shouting #want! Well now PetrolBlog has a classifieds section all of its own.

It needs to grow and indeed, find its feet. But that’s where you and the community come in. But whatever, it will always be free to advertise your car on PetrolBlog. Although there may be a small fee for a Shatchback.

Daihatsu Charade Shatchback


There’s now a proper online shop. Currently there are only stickers in there, but new products are being planned. Watch this space. No, not that space, that space. Oh, never mind.

New Car Reviews

PetrolBlog new car reviews now have a glossy new format, including a proper PetrolBlog Score chart as well as positives and negatives. You can even award the car your own rating.

We’re rather pleased with the new format. Hope you like it too.


Each post will now be attributed to the correct author. The author will be introduced at the top with an ‘about the author’ box at the foot of the page. This will be updated once the fine people of Team PB have signed up.

No automated email

The automated email that was broadcast along with every new post has now been relegated to the parts bin. With updates now happening more frequently we didn’t want to be accused of spam.

The machine gun approach to emails will be replaced by a shotgun email perhaps once a month. What you’ve missed, what’s coming up – that kind of thing.

General Waffle

A new section on the site – essentially stuff that doesn’t fall into a distinct category.

Major Bunk

General Waffle will be joined by his counterpart, Major Bunk. This is basically personal messages from the bridge. The world according to MajorGav. Best enjoyed with Hobnobs. Naturally.


It’s been coming for a while, but look out for PetrolBlog’s very own podcast – PetrolPod. Two have been recorded, but they need just a tiny bit of editing.

Heck, who are we trying to kid – they need a lot of editing. But keep your ears peeled and your eyes close to the ground in readiness for this exciting (read: torturous new development.

And that’s about it.

We’d naturally welcome your feedback on the new site. In the meantime, put the kettle on, grab a BlogNob and enjoy some of the fresh new content.

And thanks for dropping by. You stay classy.

Massive thanks to Simon at Oxology for keeping the faith with MK2 PetrolBlog and making it what it is.

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