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Every year PetrolBlog runs a couple of end of year awards. One is the not-so hotly anticipated and hopelessly underwhelming PetrolBlog Car of the Year award. More on this very soon.

The other is where PetrolBlog readers get a say in things. In 2010 it was the Green Car of the Year, with the trophy driven away by the Jaguar XJ12C. In 2011 you voted for Shatchback of the Year, with the Suzuki Swift / Maruti Dzire taking the prestigious Golden Boot. But now, in 2012, it’s time to vote for your favourite Real World Dream Barn. There’s been a plethora of barns created over recent weeks and now it’s your turn to vote for the best.

In the interests of fairness (and probably because it isn’t all that good), I’ve decided to remove my own Dream Barn, so you’ve got eleven to choose from. And don’t worry if you haven’t selected your own Dream Barn yet, there’s plenty of time in 2013.

In the meantime, take a look at the Dream Barns below and vote for your favourite. Either click the name above the image or the link within the text to view the entire Dream Barn. Voting will close at midnight on the 21st December and a packet of BlogNobs will be sent to the owner of the winning barn. Plus, everyone who votes will be entered into a draw to win a packet of BlogNobs too. Simply leave a comment, like the post on Facebook or tell us you voted on Twitter. Various links at the bottom of this page. Cheers.

Remember – you’re voting for the entire barn. The photos below are just a taster of each Dream Barn.

Rob Griggs-Taylor

Mercedes E63 AMG Estate

Rob was the first chap to submit a Dream Barn entry and he included everything from a Ferrari to a Ford Cargo! To view Rob’s Real World Dream Barn, click hereImage © Mercedes

Ton Dumans

VW Passat W8 Estate

Next up was an entry from PetrolBlog’s Dutch correspondent, Ton Dumans. The inclusion of the Passat W8 was enough for Ton to instantly become a PetrolBlog hero. To view Ton’s Dream Barn, click hereImage © VW

Alan Liddell

Range Rover on PetrolBlog

To Scotland next and Alan Liddell’s was by far the most retro classic of the Dream Barns featured at that point. Deserves attention for the inclusion of the Sunbeam Rapier Fastback. Have a look at Alan’s barn hereImage © Land Rover

Tom Cornish

MG Maestro EFi

Tom spent just over half the available budget and yet still managed to pack in over 3,000bhp! Everything from a Bentley Arnage T to an MG Maestro. Nice! Have a look at Tom’s top ten hereImage © MG

Charlie Johnson

Rover Mini Sprite

Charlie’s Dream Barn should win the patriotic vote as it has a distinct British flavour to it. Although he did let some American muscle and German rear-engined wizardry into the barn. Have a look at Charlie’s list hereImage © Charlie Johnson


Renault 4

After ten months in the wilderness, Dogknob threw open the doors to the barn once again and in doing so, created one of the most eclectic selections to date. Just look at that Renault 4! Click here to see Dogknob’s barn. Image © Renault


Real World Dream Barn BMW Z1

Jeckythump risked the wrath of PetrolBlog readers by including an electric car in his barn. Fortunately his other choices were nothing short of brilliant. A worthy and inspired Dream Barn. Have a look for yourself hereImage © BMW

William Patterson

Morgan 3 Wheeler

William lives alongside the brilliant Abergwesyn Pass, so it comes as no surprise that his barn was filled with genuine drivers’ cars. Gotta love that Morgan 3-wheeler! Check out Will’s Dream Barn hereImage © Morgan

David Tillyer

Mercedes-Benz W124 500e

Geography also played a part in Norfolk-based David’s choices, with Lotus accounting for 30% of his Dream Barn. Like Alan Liddell, David also included an Alvis. Have a look at the entire selection hereImage © Mercedes

Peter Counsell

Fiat Uno 70SL

Peter sparked controversy by proclaiming the C5 Audi A6 Avant to be the best looking estate car of all time. The debate goes on, although the fact that his barn is excellent isn’t in doubt. Have a look at Peter’s choices hereImage © Fiat

Rafael Neira

Volvo 850 T5R

The final Dream Barn of 2012 could lay claim to be the most elegant of all time. He also packed a couple of tough Swedes and a big German to even things up. A great selection – take a look hereImage © Volvo

Now you’ve seen the list, cast your vote here:

[polldaddy poll=6771956][polldaddy poll=6771956]

Don’t forget, voting closes at midnight on the 21st December. Like the relevant post on PetrolBlog’s Facebook page or tweet us at @PetrolBlog or @MajorGav and say you’ve entered and you could win a packet of BlogNobs.


Congratulations to David Tillyer who, with 34% of the votes, just edged out Rafael Neira who ended up with 32%. A very, very close run thing. Special mention to Jeckythump who finished third with 10%.

David, a packet of BlogNobs is yours!

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  1. December 16, 2012
    Antony Ingram (@antonyingram)

    I won’t reveal my vote until the results have been decided, but after looking through each dream barn I have to say, the quality here is fantastic. It’s going to make my own choices even harder – though I’ll note that several people have picked several of the cars I’m considering, albeit across different barns.

    Anyway, the one I voted for in the end was brilliantly eclectic. Wouldn’t necessarily have chosen many of the cars myself, but for variety it really grabbed me.

  2. December 20, 2012
    Dogknob1 (@Dogknob1)

    I have Voted for the opposition! my choice split between two fantastic barns but one just pipped the other with a touch of his own personal passion thrown in at the end.
    Good luck Barn Keepers and may the best barn win

  3. December 20, 2012

    That was hard to choose! So many good lists, makes me want to have another go! Thought I had made my mind up but changed my mind at the last minute. As said above good luck barn keepers!


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