Suzuki Jimny: How not to do video reviews

At a recent Suzuki press launch, we were given the keys to a Suzuki Jimny, pointed in the direction of a nearby field and told to have some fun. Well it would be rude not to take up the opportunity, so here’s James Batchelor doing a couple of laps of the field.

The whole thing lasted over ten minutes, so what you see here are the edited highlights. Just don’t be expecting Top Gear or evo standard production values. In fact, don’t be expecting preschool standard production values. This was an unplanned event and this will become clear even after 20 seconds. But credit where credit’s due – James Batchelor held things together rather well. Sadly though, I won’t be expecting a call for my camera skills any time soon. Perhaps I’ll stick to words! But hey, life’s better when you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Enjoy…er…if you can.

Thanks to Suzuki GB for the loan of the Jimny and to James for brining some level of respectability to the proceedings. The little Jimny was surprisingly good off-road. There’s a genuine agricultural feel to the car and you get a real sense of the oily bits of the car working away around you. This is something you can’t say about many modern cars. Yes it feels cheap inside, but then it is only £9,995. There are worse ways to spend £10k on a car, just don’t be planning any long journeys in it. Final top tip, if you are planning any in-car video reviews, make sure you get yourself a mount.

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